At this time, the XVI edition of Expogrelo would have to be held in the Abadín town hall, but due to the current situation we are experiencing due to covid, this year’s edition has to be canceled.

The editions held so far have served to verify that the traditional fame of this crop finds a good outlet in buyers.
So this year, from the city council they promote the website for the acquisition of turnip greens by buyers.
The website, just like the fair did, will show the quality and flavor of the turnip greens that are produced in this area of Terra Chá and which is well-deserved.

The Abadín City Council decided to bet in 2006 by holding an annual fair dedicated to this product and also supporting the producers of the municipality. The IXP Protected Geographical Indication of Grelos de Galicia was born in October 2009 to help the production, marketing and distribution of this food so characteristic of Galicia.
That is why on the day of the sale at, the 20 producers registered in the municipality of Abadín and under the IXP collect, select, weigh, pack and label each of the madas sold on the web, thus ensuring maximum freshness and quality.

The treatment of the sale will be direct between the producer of turnip greens and the buyer, without any intermediary.